Using the Best Quad Watch Winder to Protect Your Collection

A watch winder is a piece of electronic equipment that is used to keep automatic watches wound. If you collect this type of watch, it could be the perfect piece to invest in. Here’s how to use the best quad watch winder to protect your watch collection.

Getting to Know Watch Winders

If you don’t know how a watch winder box operates, it’s basically a machine that rotates your watches in a predetermined pattern. Today’s winders all have a security feature that prevents them from over-winding a watch. A winder may be powered by AC or batteries. You may even buy quad watch winders that can hold more than four automatic clocks at watches, each with its own set of settings.

How to Use Your Watch Winder

Your watch, whether worn on your wrist or wound on an automatic watch winder, must be turned many times throughout the day. When a person is actively going about his day, this happens quickly; if he is sedentary, it happens more slowly.

Unsurprisingly, the objective of a watch winder is to make a specific number of turns per day (TPD) to replicate the actions of the human wrist. Consult your user manual before adjusting the TPD settings of your luxury watch winder. Most automatic watches require anywhere between 650 and 950 TPD.

Furthermore, the direction in which your watch winder rotates can be clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional. Again, the manufacturer should provide this information. The best quad watch winder features an “auto-alternating” feature that allows the gadget to rotate in both directions.

Maintaining your watches can be as simple as using an automatic winder to keep your clock running at all times. This is why it’s important to get a winder. You’ll appreciate the elegance and functionality of the best quad watch winder.

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