4 Things to Consider When Buying a 3 Watch Winder Box

The term of 3 watch winder box must be familiar enough for automatic watch collectors. To keep the clockwise running even if the watch is not worn for a long time, a watch winder is indeed needed. Of course, recharging is possible but it is just considered not practical. Moreover, it is if you have so many collections.

Since a winder box is a good investment, make sure to be very careful in choosing the product. When planning to buy it, you should consider some matters below.

The Size

Some collectors may have a big area or space to keep their collections. Unfortunately, some others are not. To save space, you need winder boxes with compact sizes as well. In other words, choose a product in which size is suitable with the area you have provided for your watch collections.

The Design

Undeniably, you must want your automatic watches to look good even when they are displayed at home. Interestingly, a winder box is nowadays currently one of the artworks that are designed as beautifully as possible. The styles are varied starting from the classic to modern ones. Choose one of them you love the most. If you think that design meets the collections well, it is worth buying.

The Material

Some types of materials are used for a winder box. They include stainless steel, iron, copper, wood, bamboo, acrylic, glass, and more. It is okay no matter what type of material you choose. The most important thing is that the material must be high-quality to avoid it being broken or damaged.


The more expensive product, you can find it has more features. For example, there is the safety lock, security password, anti-dust, and more. Well, it doesn’t mean you must buy a winder box that has all of them. Choose one in which the features are really needed.

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